Sunday, May 31, 2009

this weekend

so. yesterday - saturday - we went to the outlets which were about 3 to 4 hours away from our apartment . we went to all your big name fashion places - prada, gucci, burberry, valentino, ect ect.. amazingness basically since it was the outlets it was cheaper than normal, and then since we were in europe its even cheaper still :) so i bought my momma a gucci purse and some burberry scarves and myself a burberry purse, it was really awesome over all my roommates bought some gucci shoes and prada purses and things like that - it was pretty good though
we were so tired when we got home we went to our friend DJ's for dinner and after that we went to bed - we had to get up at 6am this morning to go to tuscany for the day. so we hopped on the luxury buses again and we drove to Pienza and we walked around for a little while and to see the scenery. from there we hopped back on the bus and we went to another town in tuscany - here we got to see the set of the new twilight movie at least the part that was filmed in italy which was pretty cool - so we took pictures all over the square the biggest bummer was the finished filming yesterday so we weren't able to see edward :( haha..
after that we got to walk through a wine cellar, and taste a variety of wines and cheeses the place offered - and it was wonderful i bought 2 bottles of wine for a later day to enjoy :)
next we hopped back on the bus and went to a restaurant that offered us a 5 course meal. = amazing
course 1 - assorted ham, salami and cheese
course 2 - pasta with tomato sauce
course 3 - pasta with mushroom and basil sauce
course 4 - chicken and potato wedges
course 5 - dessert - biscotti type cookies

after this we had like a 3 hour drive home on the bus
we overheard some girls talking about going to see angels and demons at 1030 tonight so we were pumped and wanted to go too so we made plans to meet up and go
so we hopped on the tram and we walked the rest of the way and we got to the movie theater at 1020, and found out the movie actually started at 10 - which sucked, so we know now not to listen to other girls haha. since we were on the hunt for this place - but we managed to make good time to find it like 30 mins instead of like 45 which it would've taken.. so since the movie attempt was over - we bought some gelato and walked back - and well i would like to say it wasn't a total loss when we did get gelato :)
while we were walking home - mind you it's been mind blowingly hot here and it hasn't rained, we've basically sweat all day - well today it decided to be cold and rainy which sucked. but it started to rain on the walk back which we were doing more leisurely than our sprint walk to get to the theater.

ready for more adventures tomorrow, ciao!