Tuesday, June 2, 2009

monday and tuesday

Yesterday we basically laid around, it rained for the first time since we got here, which sucked, cuz as soon as we walked outside there was like a huge down pour - however we were able to make it to school, and we paid for a trip to Cinque Terra in a few weekends which will be pretty fun - we then ate some pizza - which yes the pizza is soo good here :) and came back to our apartment to clean - we had some of our friend we've made while we were here over to play cards and eat dessert. it was a blast and nice to just sit around and hang out and chat..

Today - tuesday - it is Festva de Repubblica here which is like the american 4th of july and we were going to go to the parade, but didn't wake up in time, so we decided to walk in that direction to some shops that we had found another time we went that way. so we did some window shopping in all the name brand stores that are around here that were actually open and bartered with some street vendors - but that was about it, on our way back home we were going to go to the markets around our apartment but realized that everything is basically closed for the holiday which stinks but we get it. and we are just about to make some dinner and chill out for the night, and getting ready to make some fun plans for tomorrow when everything is open again :)