Tuesday, June 23, 2009

monday and tuesday :)

Monday -
today we slept in and spent all day writing our papers and doing drawings for class on tuesday.. we had to do visual analysis of portrait heads which wasn't fun but i mean it was fine not too difficult..
we went to campus to print our papers and we did, then we called DJ and Rocco and Kendra and had them meet us at a restaurant for dinner with 3 euro pizza's and then we went out for some gelato afterward it was a lot of fun.. and a very chill day..

Tuesday -
we went to class this morning and learned some fun things.. and after class we went to Zara's similar to Macy's for here, to shop around and then we went to the Pantheon to find out where we could get our tax refund back from.. and we came back to our apartment and made some quick lunch got ready and met Rocco at school to go sight seeing.. we went to see Ecstasy of Saint Theresa which was amazing and went to the Capuchin Crypts which were really cool inside, we finally found the American Embassy after so long of looking for it.. and we came back and have been relaxing the rest of the night, and are planning on relaxing tomorrow, meeting some of the girls to go to the Jewish Ghetto to get some Jewish food for lunch and do our tax refunds and maybe start cleaning and packing a little bit.. its sad we're leaving so soon but i think we're ready to be back in the land of convenience..