Wednesday, June 3, 2009

wednesday june 3

so today we went to a lot of places - it was pretty exciting,
we went to the spanish steps, gesu' - a jesuit church, we looked for a statue of a huge cat on via della gata - but it was non existant - the santa maria della sopra manerva, and a wax museum, and there was supposed to be a pasta museum - but it was closed which was a bummer.. we also saw the inside of the pantheon -
tomorrow for class we are going to the museo capitolini which is pretty sweet its two museums that are connected underground - which is pretty awesome
and we also ventured back to the movie theater and we able to watch angels and demons so that was pretty cool - the movies amazing- it is places we see here on a daily basis so if you want a taste of rome - GO SEE IT! :)
tomorrow we have class and need to get ready for a weekend away - we are leaving tomorrow night to go to Capri, Pompeii, Sorento, Positano, Amalfi, and the Blue Grotto.. it should be pretty exciting and were going with a lot of our friends that we've met here.. :) woohoo!

ill write again on sunday when i get home - since i won't have internet all weekend