Sunday, June 14, 2009

thursday til sunday.. :o)

we attended class and walked around the roman national museum. it was very interesting we learned about julius caesar and augustus.. super interesting! we got a study group together from our class and studied all night for our midterm on friday. mandy and i quizzed eachother until the wee hours of the morning. we were nervous for our exam and wanted to be the best prepared possible!

our midterm was at 9:30 so we woke up got a little bit more studying in and then went to face the midterm. our professor just put pictures of things up on the projection and we had to identify and give facts about each of them. it was very difficult, even though we thought we were prepared it was something that we had a hard time.. but we talked to classmates afterward and they were also very nervous for the results!
we decided after a rough midterm to go get some food. we ran into meghan and sarah who were going to "friends" to get some AMERICA BREAKFAST! woohoo.. we got omlettes and french toast, fresh squeezed orange juice, and bacon - it was defintely a taste of home that we miss very much!
after this we met up with our friend DJ and decided to go shopping around town, to help ease the hurt of the challenging midterm. we found some great deals and started to get hungry, and what do you know - we found a MCDONALDS! so were talking 2 american meals in one day - most of you that know me know i don't really eat fast food but i broke down and got a hamburger - it tasted like home.. i know corny - but the mickeyd's here have curly fries and spinach Parmesan nuggets and breaded shrimps. dj and sarah were daring enough to try to s/p nuggets and said they were very odd.. and kendra got curly fries - and they tasted like arby fries :)
next, we went back to our apartments and got everything together to go out for the night. we got our group of grand valley people and all the friends we've made and had a blast!