Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cinque Terre -

so this past weekend - friday morning until sunday night was spent in Cinque Terre. or 5 Terre.. or 5 Towns. anyways in short they're five towns that are along the coast of the italian riveria. which you can hike all five its about 7 miles or 5 hours ish to hike or train to each town.
town 1 - riomaggiore
town 2 - manarola
town 3 - corniglia
town 4 - vernazza
town 5 - monterosso

friday when we arrived it was midday since we left at about 730 for a 4 hour train ride, and we arrived in Riomaggiore which was where we were staying at - got showed to our apartment while we were there, put on our swim suits and went down to the beach - which was made of hugeeee rocks. so they don't know what sand is here apparently! anyways on our way down to the beach we found out they had scuba on the cove - well fun dives so we signed up and did that right off the coast it was amazing - so cool we bought an underwater camera and we are considering becoming certified.. after that we got a quick dinner ate some gelato and hung out at the beach and went to bed early after such a long day and in anticipation of hiking the next morning

saturday we were going to wake up early to hike the trail and see the towns and everything.. and then it decided to pour rain.. everytime we've left rome it's rained.. boo.. so we slept in til about noon and then got going hopped on the train and went to the final town (Monterosso) and laid on the beach there - also rocks but smaller rocks this time, and we looked at all the shops in town and went back the fourth town - Vernazza and shopped around there too before going back home to shower and get ready for dinner.. we were meeting up with some other girls that decided to do the hike anyway that day. so we ate dinner, some gelato and went down by the beach to hang out - and watch the storm roll in.. which it did start raining about a half hour after being at the beach so we went back up to our apartment to call it an early night again..

sunday - we woke up early finally and packed all our things up and checked out and hiked.. it was quite the journey after climbing the side of a mountain and then climbing 386 stairs to get to town three- Corniglia - and hanging out and visiting each town - we realized we had not seen all of Monterosso so we decided to go back and check out the remaining stores and beach that we had missed. come to find out they do know what sand is - it was on the one beach we didn't have time to lay on which was a huge bummer but we're hoping to get time to go to the beach in rome one day this week to maybe find some other sand.. after arriving back to our main town Riomaggiore we got on a train and headed back to rome and here we are ready to start our final week of classes..

ps. this place was the land of pesto. they make it different than most places in rome so i ate pesto pizza about 2394334893 times a day it felt like which was delicious every time, and pesto pasta and pesto everything! aka so delicious :) so i bought a ton of it to bring home.

we are officially starting our last week of classes - so i have two classes, 1 final and one paper due this week.. and we will be staying in a hostel for saturday and sunday and flying home on monday - which we are excited for since we've made a list of things that we as americans have taken for granted and things we never would believe before like paying 3 euros for a liter of water.. 3 euros = 4.5 or 5$$$
but italy has been a great time and were not going to let this week slip past without making our mark :)