Sunday, June 14, 2009

well heres the weekend..

i apparently wrote too much so im dividing my days -- heres the weekend!

in keeping with the american trend there is a place here called TBONE STATION. well its american food and it was delicious i got a hamburger and fries and again tasted like home haha.. buttt its funny but they got american better here than we've got italian at home... deeelicious - after this we walked to campo di fiori and piazza navona to see what was going on in the stand for fun sometimes they have shops and paintings and things.. so we found a place that sold dresses and fun shirts for 10 euros which is a great deal and we scooped up on that :)
for dinner we had a pasta party at our apartment, we had meghan and sarah over for dinner and then we got ready to meet up with DJ and Rocco to go out to an american bar that is here.. the bar is called Scholar's.. the rumor was they only let in americans and didn't let in italian people.. we found out this wasn't true but the bar only played american music and had american drinks. it was really fun and we totally felt like we were at home.. clearly as you can tell from our american weekend we miss home and needed a little taste to get us through the next two weeks.. :)

today we started our morning rather late being able to sleep in for one of the first times in a while, and got ready to go to church. well we realized we wanted to go to the vatican for mass (which was super cool) and the next mass they held was at 4. so we got ready and went to a really cheap place to eat pizza before going to church. we made the journey to the vatican and attended mass.. it was all in italian and probably one of the quickest masses i've ever been to.. were talking like 1/2 hour.. and it was in st. peters basilica which was really cool since we had already been there to sight see. after mass we went down into the papal catacombs which was really super awesome. we got to see all the catacombs and they had pope j.paul II's all guarded and everything it was very cool.. and they had it so you could see into his catacomb and it was highly decorated and super awesome - we weren't allowed to take pictures which was a huge bummer but some girls snuck some shots so that was pretty cool.. after this we walked back to our apartment to chill out and made some dinner. after this we got ready to go out to dinner with some friends even though we already ate so we got dessert, it was delicious and we walked to get gelato and again delicious and we went to the piazza by school and there was a comedy act going on the guy was really funny and then a juggling act came on that was super cool to watch too.. its unique that they basically have free entertainment all over town but of course they always have the hat out to collect change :)

it was definitely an eventful weekend and we are looking forward to more fun to come this week.. we have a trip planned for the weekend to Cinque Terra. and we have a wine tasting at the school on tuesday and more fun to come! i am happy and sad that i'll be home in 15 days!! .. eekk!! ..