Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally to Milano

So after crazy plane adventures, we finally get on to our flight in milan, first we had to go through security again in europe this time. they're equally strict as americans with that so it was a while before we got through, then the didn't post the gate our flight was at til 25 mins before we were supposed to board the plane, so we were sitting around doing nothing waiting by the only tv we could find with departure stuff on it.. Next we finally board the plane woohoo only 1 1/2 hours til we make to to italy for real.. so we arrive things are going ok.. were looking for kendra since we were meeting her at the airport, we can't find her so i called my mom *mind you its 7am there and about 12 here* to look up kendras number since i forgot it.. :-\ we finally find her :) yipee.. now comes the fun trying to make it to our hotel/hostel.. haha ohh goodness.. first we figure out we need to take a bus, to another bus, to another bus.. cool right? not so much.. bus 1 we waited for and didn't realize it was the only the first bus we needed.. we ended up at another terminal..hopped on the 'actual bus' we needed to be on after many italian/english conversations with a variety of people there.. we took a taxi to our hotel/hostel.. and we are now laying in our room which is not very big at all.. but no surprise there.. i think since i've been up for almost 24 or so hours straight i should get some sleep :) woohoo i've made it, is all i have to say haha


feel free to email me ( facebook message me or anything cool like that im going to miss my americans ;)