Friday, May 22, 2009

may 22nd

So we've been in rome all day today - we went to orientation for the university, and a housing orientation. Lots of good tips regarding the locals, how to dress, how to act, how to use the 7ft long key they gave us.. They also gave us free lunch of PIZZA - surprise right - but pizza's delicious here so A.o.k. by me :)
we found out about some side trips and classes offered by the university.
they are offering a cooking class and a wine tasting. they've outsourced to a company which will offer us day trips and weekend trips so we are planning on going to the designer outlets and tuscany next weekend, and some other trips to Capri and Cinque Terra. we are really excited they should be a good time and they are mostly paid except for additional expenses which isn't a big deal - it'll just be nice not to plan a weekend or a trip or anything and just be told where to go.
We just made some pasta and ate our bread and nutella, the university left us a care package with food in it! so we haven't had to go grocery shoppin yet which is really nice
we are getting ready to go to the OPERA! woo a real italian opera - i am super excited it should be a lot of fun!! :)