Monday, May 18, 2009

venice day 2

so were in venice. but when were out of the disgusting place were staying in, its much better like you have no idea haha.. so thats the key -we've figured it out, only 2 1/2 more days left!
today we went to venice island and it was awesome - gondola's everywhere, and we basically walked around and found the Basicalla there and it was great til we got to the door and i realized i had my backpack apparently your not allowed to bring them in so i had to find this place to check it but it was soo randomly placed and far away i felt like i was getting lost and i couldn't find it then some guy that spoke spanish to me knew where to put them and i just pointed and then he's like oh really i do speak english i was thinkin gohhhhhh jerk.. but he helped me out so i got over it, we went to put our bags down and of course the inside of the basicalla was gorgeous painted all over the place on the ceiling everywhere greatness, but it took like 5 misn to get through the whole thing - well the part they let you go with out paying more money and then we were out it literally took me 10 mins to find the place where to check my bag and we weren't in the church for more than 5 haha.. awesome NOT! but after that we wlaked to some of the street vendors which had great things and we just kinda checked things out for today were going to go back tommorrow to see and probably purchase things.. and then we ate some lunch it was good pizza again - you would think i was sick of pizza but im not yet!! :) its just too good here i dont think ill be able to eat american pizza every again!
we were on the hunt for a glass blowing plalce and in the mean time we got some GELATO! :) yummmy!! but finnally we did find one of the glass places -- it was amazing we watched a guy mold some galss and then we walked through the whole store - kendra bought somehting for her mom but we just looked around and then when we were checking out the guy gave us these key chain things for our 'cell phones' but they're super cool and have glass beads on them
otherwise things here are pretty good we made it back to the 'mainland' and we watched a movie and are now just getting ready to hang out - were so ready to be in rome to have steady life and see the sights there and shop there, but venice has been pretty great so far so no complaints!! :)