Thursday, May 21, 2009


Rome has turned out to be amazing so far. The apartment we're in is gorgeous, im with mandy, kendra and two other girls from grandvalley, which is super cool.. Our apartment is like a 30 min walk from the university however we dont have class there - our class is onsite at the different monuments. its nice to have a bathroom and internet in our apartment at our disposal to use no big deal... i was expecting some small place for our apartment but this place is wonderful i will def. post pictures so you get the idea, but check in with the university went smoothly and we have tickets to attend the opera tomorrow which is exciting.. the only bummer we have to this all is that we're supposed to have a RA meeting tomorrow so we'll see if we can switch things around and talk to our RA and make different arrangements. We had to take our ID pictures today which i wasn't really ready for since i spent the day on a plane and in an airport but oh well..
speaking of the airport people are only allowed 20 kilos per person well i was over that so i had to pay more fees which cost about the same as my ticket which really made me angry - but they put us on an earlier flight which was nice so we arrived in rome earlier than expected, were picked up by the university and taken from there. Right now its about 6:15 and we're getting ready to go out and find some food! :)


t2d2r said...

Jenna Julia, it is Thursday May 21, 12:38 p.m., Grandma Frana says she misses you and talked to you Dad about your trip. She is here, with us (Aunt Deni, Uncle Tom) reading your blog and looking at the beautiful pics. Looks wonderful. Dane said that tip thing is kind of odd too. Take care. We will follow along your adventure!