Sunday, May 17, 2009

milan to venice

So today was quite the adventure. first we realized we coudlnt' check into our new place in venice til 2 pm so we slept in and took a taxi to the train station to hop on a train (yes it is that easy surprisingly) and we made it on the train no problem and when we got to our destination of Menstra. we got off and went looking for the bus station to take the bus to our "camping fuscina" and we foudn the bus, bought our tickets, and watched the bus ride by since we weren't entirely sure and they didn't even stop so we waited another hour for the bus to come back... apparently they don't stop like the rapid does at school, you need to flag them down and then they'll stop for you.. next. when we were riding the bus we were talking to some other people who were traveling with backpacks and they were staying at the same place and we were like oh cool blahblah.. so thennnn i was like oh great, we finally pass our place,, were super excited after this long journey and its like a campsite, like literally a campsite with some trailers. by campsite i mean the whole nine yards - bugs like whoa, trailer/camper like things, actual campsites, restraunt, and a building for both bathrooms and showers that are not really that close to our 'trailer' it stinks to say the least - my idea as with mandy and kendra's idea of camping is staying at a hotel.
the best part of this all is were only here til thursday so we're going to do our best to last that long and we've found a few good ways to do it. get on the ferry to venice at 8 am when the first one leaves and come back on the last one back at 8:30pm so we don't have to endure doing notihng, i will post pictures for sure, and then.. in addition to taht we have to pay to use the interent, which sucks but is totally worth it to keep me in contact with teh world becasue sitting in my room doing nothing isn't really all too fun either.
well tomorrow morning the fun things will be happening when we make it over to the island for sight seeing and shopping :) we'll have plenty of time to plan tonight..
we had our first official italian pasta dishes today - mandy got pesto which looked amazing, kendra and i both had 'ragu' well meat sauce which looked to be ground beef cooked in oil. it was good but nothing like american meat sauce - where there's actually like sauce to the sauce..

i know it sounds like a lotta complaints. and i know i should be happy and i am its jsut not anything like where we were staying in milan - which to this looks like a four star hotel compared to here.. and well we were completely blindsides by this and we're all not huge fans of wilderness to say the least! k im posting pictures as you read!