Wednesday, May 20, 2009

final day in venice

Venice today was good. We slept in and decided to go to the Island later than before, we figured that this would be good to avoid the heat, and we would be able to eat a ‘big Italian lunch’ there. Plus kendra’s foot was really hurting so we thought the less we walked around today the better since we walked around for like 8 hours yesterday.

We slept in til 12 here, so 6am at home and got ready and got on the 1 o clock ferry. When we arrived on the island we went to a cute little restraint and since we aren’t really on Italian time or American time for meals anymore we were wthe only ones in the restruant which was good but bad too since it seemed like the people were watching our every move, but we got decent service. The way they do it over here is you don’t leave a tip you are charged a service fee so they don’t really have to treat you good since they’re getting money anyways. And its usually like 12% so they’re getting pretty decent money.. We decided to ‘eat like the Italians do’ and we have no idea how they do it, you get two entrees so like a pasta dish and a meat dish. So we all ordered a pasta dish and a fish (sea bass) dish. Well we didn’t know we were allowed to pick out the fish we wanted but the waiter brought three fish out on a plate for approval. I said I don’t like to look at my food before I eat it sooo it looks fine.. and Kendra was grossed out so we just said ok and our pasta came out – delicious – and then next came our fish.. which we could barely eat any of since we were soooo full.. well.. then come the bill after we sat there for about 2 hours trying to stuff our selves sinc everything tasted so good.. and its 122 euros for the three of us?!?! We were like uhh what?! Well they figure the price of the fish by how much it weighs. So our fish entrees were like 28 euros each.. woops talk about an expensive lunch… delicious but expensive so we’ll never do that again.. pizza it is! J

After that we decided well we just spent 40 euros each on lunch and we are NOT going to buy anything else other than gelato for dessert.. so we walked around and sat in a church that turned into a violin display place and then got some gelato and got on the 530 ferry back to the mainland. Our room was a sauna no surprise there.. its just a question of how hot not is it going to be hot.. and we left to play some cards and then watched the end of slumdog millionaire, and now are sitting in the cafĂ© getting some pizza before the ‘beach party’ the Camping fusina has tonight. People are walking around in coconut bikini’s and Hawaiian print shirts.. so apparently they get really into it??

We can’t wait for tomorrow to get on the plane and go to ROME! Where we will finally be able to unpack our things and hopefully it won’t be as buggy.. we know its going to be hot, we’re prepared for that.. but the bugs can go farr away.. The plane ride is only 50 mins long and the university is going to pick us up from the airport and take us to the university (which from what I hear is really small) and we’ll check in and get our housing, which we are all hoping we’re rooming together since we’ve requested it, and we’ve spent this whole week together it would be really nice J And we have a four day orientation to the city and the university, I can’t believe how quickly this past week has gone by but I’m really excited to be acquainted with some other GVSU and MSU students. So that’s about it, I’m going to eat some pizza so ill write more tomorrow or the next time im around internet!!