Friday, May 15, 2009

First Day in Milano!

so today was officially our first day of 'vacation' and we planned on walking into main milan for a day of shopping.. first we google mapped a route in hopes we'd be able to follow the street signs that are on the buildings not on the streets.. and we walked the wrong way woops.. and it started raining. so we went back to our hotel and found a map and highlighted our route and made it to the shopping center :) once we got there we were in literally.. prada, gucci, versace, louis v, chanel, you name it we found it :) and we wanted to buy things everywhere!! but.. we didnt lol and there were lots of stores we dont have in the States but also there was a footlocker, and they were building an a&f which was surprising since we have that at home..and then we stumbled on to this random huge church type thing that turned out to be el duomo which is like a hugeee beautiful church-castle looking thing.. so we took some pictures in front of it and we were all touristy for a little while.. there were pigeons everywhere.. and they aren't afraid of people they were like flying all over the place we were eating and even landed in someones like empty dessert container.. we decided to eat lunch at some cute lil cafe outside of all the shopping places, and lunch here is like dinner in the States - so we just had like sandwiches but other people around us were like eating 4 course meals.. aftere that we walked home to get some bread and wine for later. and when we stopped to get bread it was only 1.27 euro.. for three loaves.. correct me if im wrong but im pretty sure its like $2 a loaf in the States.

Another random thing we've found is that everywhere we go they play american music rather than italian music or anything else. It makes me feel like i'm at home when i'm shopping at least but seriously i've think we've heard the song poker face in 3 different stores today.. clearly they like our music :) we've done something right as americans!

**note to self - no one here wears jeans.. rarely anyone actually.. all the men had on suits like were talking sport coats and ties and all the women were dressed up in like dress slacks or stylish clothes.. clearly we stuck out like a sore thumb or obvious americans.

when we went to the ferrari store we were talking to one of the workers there who was really pleasant and he figured we were from america, but thought we were from arizona.. but he was very pleasant to us and we talked to him for a little while about italy and he told us to stop in verona on our way to venice..
and the man we talked to in prada also told us how much better rome was then milan and how the food was amazing there and such. so its nice that the italian people are giving us advice about their own country... but its just funny to hear them say there are better cities to be in than milan.