Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 13 - 24 hours in an airport or on an airplane...let the games begin..

- so we will be spending at total of 24 hours in an airport or on an airplane – yikes right… yeah its not the funnest.. lots of people watching though J time to get onto the excitement – first when we arrive at Detroit we thought our airline wasn’t going to check us in til 145 our flight left at 2..eeek!! well come to find out we weren’t taking that airline just yet, thank god! Then security- eh nothing special there same ol’… Next we walk to our gate thinking everythings good – Mandy and I played some scrabble, then more excitement I turn to look at the screen with our flight info on it – delayed an hour.. sweet another hour in the Detroit terminal while they’re training bomb and drug sniffing dogs around us.. Finalllllllly we get onto the plane and it’s a 40 min flight to Chicago – up and down.. nothing too special.. landing in o’hare, Chicago airport – if you’ve been there you know – its huge… like mega huge – so were racing to get to our gate we have about 40 mins to find it and to find something to eat (our last American meal for 7 weeks!!) so what else to choose besides Mickey D’s haha… We then start getting in line for our flight, and realize were not sitting by eachother – eh suck! Get on the plane and find out the flight is about 7 hours and 45 mins not the original 8 hours and 50 mins our ticket says.. woohoo! I mean I plan on sleeping most of it, but its barely 8:15 right now.. so.. no sleeping yet.. another plus is that means more time in the London airport, fancy stuff. Well.. ill write more later its just been quite the flight so far… oh yah and they gave us food.. I don’t think I’ve had food on an airplane in like 10 years or at least that what it feels like.. and you know airplane food its probably as good as cardboard, not that I’ve ate cardboard before but I mean seriously com’n but the guy next to me scarfed all his food while I picked at mine thinking this is soo disgusting but I wont really have anything but pretzels, pop, and water for the next 6 hours so I better suck it up.