Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sight Seeing in Milan

So today we decided to be touristy and do some sight seeing. we ventured a far way well a half hour/40 min walk to Castello Sforzesco - it was really cool and creepy. we got to look at lots of artifacts, paintings, muscial instruments, and Egyptian things. All extremely interesting, we also met some people from Canada, who were amazed we were from Michigan - and told us about the Detroit Red Wings :) in addition to that when we were walking around the Gardini there was a couple and their bridal party - consisting of one groomsmen and bridesmaid - taking pictures all over the place.
Next we decided to go to Pinacoteca di Brera tolook at the art work. We saw work by Raphael and other famous artists. We wanted to take pictures of some of the art work, Kendra did try and the museum lady came running from down the hall screaming No Photographia! We thought it might be ok since we were allowed to take pictures in the Castello without a flash no big deal.. but i guess HUGE deal. I mean I do understand they're important pictures and they probably get ruined when taking pictures all the time
Finally we got to sit down and eat some lunch. it was pretty good we had panini's and pizza. we're going to get some pasta one of these days!

In addition too all the excitment today - we've changed our plans for the next few days. instead of going to Venice for 2 days and Florence for 2 days. we've decided to stay in Venice for 4 days before going to Rome for classes. Why? Because they make public transportation sound so easy here, really not soo much. So we've opted for the easy way giving ourselves more time to see the sights and experience the life. We've also assumed that John Cabot ( our university ) will offer a trip there, or maybe we'll get a group together and go visit there on a weekend rather than stressing a lot right now.

Well were going to go shopping around the local shops now and were off to Venice tomorrow morning!! :0)