Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friday Night, Saturday And Sunday..

Well. lets begin with friday- we went to the opera - it was amazing of course we couldn't understand what they were saying but we got the basic understanding of the opera and it was wonderful to watch.. elaborate costumes and great music and just wonderful - i would totally go again :)
we also found a chinese restaurant by our apartment which is surprisingly good - but yes it does have a typical chinese restaurant name - China Garden lol.. oh well it was good and nice to finally find some chicken since it seems to be in short supply around here.. they're big fish eaters and pasta (duh!)

saturday - we planned on going to the 10am tour of the fountains of rome, and over slept so we went to the 3 pm tour - it was really cool our guide's name was Massimo and he showed us all around town, the various embassies, and fountains everywhere it was really cool - until we got to the spanish steps about an hour or so walk away from our apartments and university and he was like alright i'm going to let you go here, have a nice day - we all stared at him and were like.. WAIT - WHAT?! your just going to leave us here in the middle of the spanish steps where we have no idea where we are? hes like well to go home you go that way - and he proceeded to walk the other direction - talk about survival of the fittest haha.. mandy, kendra, and i were able to navigate a huge group of us back to town and near our apartments where we indulged in chinese food once again - seriously it's either pasta, pizza, fish, or chinese here.. i mean we've found a mcdonalds and vowed to go there once before we leave but i mean really... who knows?!
Last night we decided to walk to the Colosseum - which was really cool at night- and quite a far walk - it was a lot of fun to see it and find it - again kendra, mandy and i navigated everyone back home -- you would think these people would learn how to read a map??
we also did our first load of laundry - i know sounds dumb but the laundry machines here are much different and there is no dryer - so i've been waiting for my clothes to dry for the past day - contrary to popular belief we are not allowed to hang our clothes outside our apartment - surprised me too - apparently it is viewed as unsightly and we aren't allowed to - can get ticketed for ect.. sucky..
one perk of walking around town is there are fountains everywhere that are safe to drink out of - like any fountain with water in rome you can dunk a waterbottle into or drench yourself with water and its like legit. so thats nice you only have to buy one waterbottle or bring one with you - since 'natural water' is like 1 to 2 euros a bottle.
Finally sunday - we promised we'd go to the 10 am tour today since it was scorching hot during the tour yesterday - so we got out of bed, got ready super quick, and headed to campus to meet massimo again for our tour of ancient rome. the tour was pretty awesome - lots of cool sites and places you would never think we'd be able to go with out paying for a ticket or something - so that was really cool - and we did make it to the colosseum today but we didn't go inside, so it was cool to see from the outside - we just need to buy tickets to go in it, and we are going to do that fairly soon when we have a day off to wander around town. on our journey back we stopped and had some food and are now back in our apartment cooling off, getting ready to take naps and chill for the rest of the evening - classes begin tomorrow --ugh!