Tuesday, May 26, 2009

tuesday - first day of class... boo!

So today - Tuesday - we've been here for 2 week so far - its amazing its gone by so fast - only 5 more weeks to have fun! but i do miss everyone at home and i didn't forget about you i promise!

well we woke up bright and early to go to class - and we walked to john cabot - we've decided the walk is like 2.5 miles and takes us about 30-35 mins.. which isn't horrible but could be worse..
we arrive on campus for class - and find out the room is changed - so we go in there, and we have class for a total of 4 hours on tuesday and thursday. We sit in this class room for 2 hours before actually going into the 'field' for our on-site class. so while we were in class and being bored- we kept noticing our prof would say 'as it were' like every other phrase, so we started to count - and we started about 45 mins late - and we counted for the rest of the time - and it was a tally of 72 times, so you only know what its going to be like every other day and can sympathize with me a little bit..
nearing the end of our classroom time - a professor comes in and is like i have this class room at 11 you need to leave - and our professor says don't get mad at me go talk to so and so - well he comes back 10 mins later and is like for real i ahve this class room you need to leave - and then shes like seriously go take it up with so and so - and he leaves and we end up running out the door 2 seconds later and hes on his way back in the class room with some older lady in tow to give our prof a piece of his mind.

so we walked around rome for the remaining two hours - to a bunch of places we had gone on, on our tours with Massimo this past weekend, and we went over very basic things - and we ended up walking past the Colosseum - which is like over an hour away from where we live - but we did stop by 'the mouth of truth' which has the urban legend that if you say a statement and put your hand in the mouth of this stone thing - and if you lie - it bites your hand and if you tell the truth your saved, however the urban legend is not in existence anymore because someone back in the day - lied and told the truth at once and it no longer had its magic touch.

we then walked back to our apartment - and Mandy is set on finding a cat that we've saw this one day - and she bought some cat litter, cat food, ect. she has named it prada and we've been looking for it every day and she is going to adopt it and bring it back to the states -well at least that's her plan we'll see how it goes from here..

we made our second Italian meal in our kitchen, and after i went to take a shower - come to find out - NO HOT WATER! - are you kidding me.. i was so mad.. and we still don't have hot water - 5 hours later. boo - so we're calling maintenance tomorrow!
we got ready to go to Campo Di Fiori for a night to hang out - and found out that the city is dry and they closed everything earlier - tomorrow there is a huge soccer game - Manchester united vs Barcelona and apparently its a huge game - we've been warned not to wear either teams colors, to not answer when we are asked who we cheer for, and to basically stay in our apartments tomorrow since it's going to be a mad house no matter where you go. we might go to a restaurant to find a tv so we can watch the game but other than that we will be steering clear of our Italian friends since they are very much enthusiastic about the game.