Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 27 and 28

So, for may 27 - there was a huge soccer game between barcelona and manchester united for the championship - john cabot (who is extremely disorganized) warned us and sent us an email and told us not to go out and to dress in neutral colors - aka don't wear blue, red or green and don't go out anywhere unless you need to. at this point we found out the night of the 26th that the made rome a dry city until today the 28th. which is pretty funny.. but i guess they get crazy enough without it so having it served would make it worse.. so it was definitely a lazy day around our apartment and do some reading for class today - other than that there was no one outside when we finally did venture out to get food later on - the streets were clear and we stayed away from all the piazza's. so we def. laid low and didn't do anything to exciting - we made a list of places we would like to go see throughout rome during our time here.

for the 28th we woke up early and went to class this morning. we did a lot of walking up and down the same ruins which we had seen on some other tours we had gone on this past weekend. so it was interesting to learn the history but it was nothing super interesting. and we were exhausted but it seemed like forever, we did get out of class early though so that was pretty nice since we didn't get any breaks throughout the 3 hours of standing in the interesting rubble. after that we walked back to campus and had to pick up our paperwork which allows us to stay here in italy for the remaining 4 weeks we have left. and we stopped at the chinese place for lunch - which is nice when all we've been eating is pasta really.. we have no other big plans for tonight
tomorrow we are going to go to the vatican and see the museums, basilicas, and gardens and things like that - so that will be interesting and not places we get to go to during our class time.
Saturday we are going on an excursion through a company the university uses to go to the fashion outlets - which we are super excited for ;)
and sunday we are going on an event called 'under the tuscan sun' which we are going to tuscany for the day - and we will be seeing where they are filming the NewMoon movie from the twilight series - so maybe ill be lucky enough to see edward ;o) haha.. but it all should be very exciting and very interesting!

also next week - on June 2, they have a festival which is similar to our 4th of july - but its like a huge holiday all day celebrations so we don't have class and we are planning to go to the celebrations for some fun italian culture!