Monday, May 25, 2009


Today is monday - we met some girls over the weekend and at orientation - who said that we had class today for like an orientation/first day of class type thing- so we walked the half hour walk to john cabot this morning to find out john cabot screwed up and in real life we don't have class til tomorrow as we thought originally before talking to other people we found had the same class as after that we stopped at a fruit market, and tried to find the supermarket. tried is the key word - we couldn't find it and everyone made it sound oh so easy to find. well then we came back its about 10am at this point and we went back to bed til everyone got back from class at about noon or 1ish. we finally found the grocery store and bought soo many groceries for 40 euro which was awesome. and we came back chilled out for a little longer, and then made dinner - which was delicious!
we then walked over the river and through town to find 'the mouth of truth' well we found it alright, but its connected to the outside of the church so we weren't allowed to go in and see it however we were able to take pictures of it and we are going to go back one day probably to see it, which will be pretty cool.,
so were going to eat gelato, strawberries & nutella, and some popcorn tonight when we watch movies. :)
we really actually have class tomorrow morning at 9! eek first day of school!