Tuesday, May 19, 2009

venice day 3

soo.. well another day in venice. we woke up super early - because we were suppppposed to chekc out of our camp ground and check back in - butt.. they are letting us stay in teh same disgusting cabin - trust me the other ones are the same since we already switched because our first one was ant infested.. buttt anyways.. so we went to venice island today again and it was fun we did a lot of scoping out the stands and today we acutally made some purchases, i bought a mask.. well 2 ones too tiny to wear, a necklace, and some wine glasses made on merona island but anyways all good purchases. yesterday since we are such cute americans the guy gave us some free keychains for our phone but they're pretty sweet.. and we got panini's to go which were delicious.. and we just did some sight seeings and got asked if we'd like to go on a gondola ride about 5374837 times.
venice is gorgeous and just like everything you see in the pictures.. we are going to go back to the island tomorrow and see if we can get to merona and barona - barona island is the one that makes lace.. but we are going to sight see and shop and stuff again tomorrow for our last day here.. we were supposed to be on a train to florence today but we decided to stay in venice for 4 days rather than just two... we've been finding a bunch of fun things to do today and we're glad we stayed.. also.. we are really excited to go to Rome on thursday for a final change of pace. it's been nice traveling around but dragging our luggage, getting on trains, waiting for buses, and going on buses and spending lots of money is just getting old so we're ready to settle in and unpack our suitcases for the first offical time!! :) woohoo!! after this i know i wont take internet, phone or running water for godsakes for granted, this has been pretty difficult..

im pretty sur ei've said it before but all they play is american music here. its kinda crazy because its like were at home when we are out of our room in the bar and stuff but its cool since we know all the words i guess.. but i was expecting to hear some cool italian music.

we got some emails from john cabot - which is the university were studyin at in Rome and we foudn out they are going to take us to the designer outlets which is pretty cool and they offer like cooking classes and stuff.. which will be fun to do..
but i only have a few more mins of interrnet, ill post some pictures! :)