Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 15 - 18

monday we took it easy after an active weekend we met the girls for some lunch and shopped down via del corso which was really fun we found a cheap dress store with some cute things.. which was a great bargain since most of the time the stores are too expensive for us.. but the window shopping here is wonderful :) i decided that i wanted to get a pair of shoes from italy - well shoes in my size are just as hard to find in italy as they are in america so it was a epic fail after shopping for hours on end. Mandy, her friend Lauren that came for the weekend, and Meghan all got henna tattoos from a guy in campo di fiori over the weekend and when we were walking around again we all got more henna tattoos i have one on each foot, mandy has one on her foot and wrist, sarah and kendra have one on their foot, and meghan has one on her wrist and ankle. so it was really cool. Also it was our roommate, Annie's, birthday... we made plans to go to dinner to celebrate - and we went to the restaurant that our cooking teacher's family owns. it was delicious :) after this we went to get gelato and then we went and sat in the piazza and our other roommate Lily sang an opera song which was incredible. After this we went to our american/irish bar scholars to hang out and have a few drinks

we went to class today and it was by the colosseum so we were really excited so we were walking over there and our whole class was there and class starts at 9.. so then.. we were waiting and it's 915 still waiting 925 were like uhm wheres our prof?! so we get the syllabus and find her number and give her a call.. and guess what she's eating breakfast!? lady class started a 1/2 hour ago?? she comes out and apologized but still didn't realize how late she was and that class had actually started at 9. (it has started at 9 the other 4 weeks of class) so since she showed up late the long awaited inside the colosseum had limited time.. it was so sad we had time to stay after class but we didn't get like the whole history lesson that we should've surrounding it. everyone in our class was really disappointed too.. also when we were asking our prof about it she said that it wasn't really that great.. which is weird since all of us were like "Wooohooo colosseum!" Then tonight we just hung out and chilled watched some movies and cleaned our apartment a little...

finally the ability to sleep in as late as possible. it was amazing and we did nothing all day literally nothing. i uploaded pictures and we just made pasta and relaxed since we haven't really had time to just chill out. we made plans to go to a bar crawl last night so we did do that. it was fun there was a large group of us and they had free pizza and cool tee-shirts and drinks. but it was a great way to top off our day of doing nothing. we met up with some of our other friends afterwards and they were having a market/parade on the river which was really cool so we've been doing that and going down there a few times to check it out and theres a lot of shops around there and it's really cool since they just ended a festival some where else near by.

today we went to class. our prof arrived on time and was now realizing she was super late last class. we came back and planned our next week out since we only have 9 more days in rome, and then we are staying in a hostel for the 3 days til our flight leaves on june 29th. but we will be leaving tomorrow to go to Cinque Terre which will be fun. but back to today after we planned out the last bit of our sight seeing we've decided that we are going to go to the 'ice bar' tonight. its a bar completely made of ice its a place thats like 5 below 0 which is funny because its like 90 and humid almost every day so itll be a great change of pace. other than that i just woke up from a nap and were getting ready to go to the grocery store to get some snacks for this weekend!