Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wed june 24th

today started out great and was action packed so far.. we started out by showering and getting ready we met some of our friends in the Jewish Ghetto for lunch and had fried artichokes which were delicious and some eggplant parm. yummy! and then our friends sarah and meghan's prof told them to get 'pizza' from the jewish bakery - its not the pizza your thinking of, its a dessert type thing it was really good but very different.. from there we went to largo argentina which is where there are ancient ruins from victory monuments which has been turned into a cat sanctuary since cats are protected here.. so mandy fed the cats some salami she bought at the grocery store called simply.. and we fed the cats, and afterwards we walked to the pantheon to try to get a tax refund for our purchases - we have to do it at the airport :( and we then walked to piazza navona to look at and potentially purchase artwork - we ended up buying artwork.. its on canvas so we know its legit and not copies.. but i bought a picture of venice, mandy bought one of capri and meghan bought one of the spanish steps.. we are really excited about this.. after we walked home and walked the wrong way so hopped a few buses to get home, our man friends kyle and rocco made us dinner :) which was delicious they made us chicken parm :) and we are just sitting around now trying to rest up were going to go out to our american bar scholars for a little bit since usa is played spain in the soccer game although it will be over by the time we get up there.. itll be nice to hang out and not worry about school work.. everyone is leaving early saturday which is a bummer since we will be going to a hostel for a few days but we'll make the most of it!