Saturday, June 27, 2009

thurs through saturday


we went to class. which was wonderful as it were. we then began to pack our stuff and clean our apartment a little bit because we were getting ready to leave to come back to the states. we went to campus to have our study group for our final on friday and afterward we went back to our apartment and studied and packed a little more and all in all good day to hang out and relax


we woke up early to go take our exam at 9 am. it was fairly easy our first question was to identify the colosseum haha.. after we planned on going out to lunch and we waited in the courtyard for everyone to finish their finals and we went to a restaurant which offered a 4 course meal for 10 euro which is a great deal.. so we had bruschetta, lasagna, chicken, and dessert.. it was deeeelicious. after that we went back to campus to turn in our keys and sign the necessary paperwork to get our transcripts sent back to Grand Valley! and we went back to our apartment and completed the necessary packing, cleaned our apartment top to bottom, and waited for the girls to finish getting everything and we went to get some dinner at a restaurant we had gone to before which was amazing!! so after dinner we went out to scholars the american bar to meet up with some of our friends from villanova and grand valley to hang out for out last night. it was a lot of fun.. after we left there we got ready to go to bed and kendra went to the hotel that her and her dad are staying at since she's going on a Mediterranean cruise - super jealous!


This morning we slept in, i walked to john cabot to return my key and walked back to the apartment and mandy let me in, then we finished the last bit of everything around our apartment - our roommates had left the night before and at 6 am.. so after our last sweep.. we called a taxi company and they came to get us at 1:15 to take us to our hostel. we arrived at our hostel and it is amazing like it is really nice overall we are super pleased!! after our venice experience we were hesitant to stay in hostels haha.. but oh well.

we cannot wait to come back home on monday so hopefully tomorrow will fly by!! we aren't sure what we are going to do tomorrow yet, but word is there's a mall and a beach around here so we might venture there to help pass the time.

woohoo monday :)