Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rome and the Pope

tuesday june 9
we went to class.. it was very fun we walked around and learned about the Augustan period of roman history..very interesting lots of pictures.. after class we came back to our apartment to get ready for our cooking class we had last night - it was awesome... we made a three course meal - a vegetable mix for appetizer, home made, own rolled pasta with eggplant and tomato sauce - super delicious - and we made a tiramisu type dessert which was also really good - our iron chef ingredient was 'eggplant' which was amazing! and it was nice to have legit food since we've just been eating plain pasta a lot. there were only 12 people in our class who were going to eat and we made enough food to feed 30 - are you surprised - cuz i am not lol.. it's great for us since then we wont have to buy more food! we were so full when we got home we couldn't move but we have pasta dough to roll noodles!

wednesday june 10
we got to see the POPE today! :) we woke up very early to get to the church to get our tickets for the papal audience. so then we realized it was at st. peters so we were on the hunt for a bus stop to get on a bus to go half way across rome. which was rough they are pushy here and we missed 3 buses before we got wise and crossed the street to get on the bus before the main stop. which was bright - after this we made it to the vatican/st peters and went to our seats. finally the pope came out and he drove around in the pope mobile for a little while and everyone cheered.. they read a reading in english, french, german, spanish, italian, and russian, so he has cardinals do these readings - he gave a homily type thing in italian which we understood it to mean you need to believe in the bible and see it as the whole truth and how we have to believe as it's written and the vatican is the platform of christ ect. and then they cardinals came up and did 'shout outs' and acknowledging all the groups that showed up - the choir's all sang when they were named, and then even after every group was called he blessed everyone - after the shout outs Pope would give a speech in that language which was really it was hard to understand because of his accent but nice to be blessed... lol.. when it got to italy everyone was goign nutso there were little kids there - how awesome of a fieldtrip to have - and everyone was super excited.. and then he did a closing remark, sang the our father in latin, and gave a final blessing and blessed anything we wanted as you held it out.. and it was reallly awesome overall - they had tv's so that you could get a better look since there had to be at least 500 seats.. it was really nice though..
overall super awesome i have great videos and great pictures ill post some since the pope's the man